About Antex Smart Locks
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ANTEX Makes DeFi Safer Through Lockups
ANTEX is a decentralized application that allows blockchain projects to lock their ERC20 token and BEP20 token and Liquidity Pool in a non-custodial, time-released smart contract vault.
Why lock tokens and liquidity?
Locking the Liquidity Pool of a project ensures that the liquidity cannot be “rug pulled”, and therefore, investors can avoid scam project. Additionally, locking project's tokens gives investors confidence that project shall not sell their team tokens to the market and get money from investors
Display Your Lockups with Confidence
When you lock liquidity or project tokens with ANTEX, our platform publishes your lockup details and project information in an easy-to-read display, giving your investors confidence and security.
Investor Transparency and Security
Investors demand fast and reliable information to make decisions on which coins to purchase. ANTEX makes it easy to view lockup details, smart contract risks, and our internal scoring analysis.
We provide 'Token Locking' solutions for token developers and founders. This solution is much needed in the space, as it provides security to token investors, knowing that there is a structure to the Antex's allocation of coins.The infamous 'rug pull' cannot take place if teams lock their Liquidity Pool tokens and their Antex tokens. We make it easy for token developers to lock their tokens and show the public the details of their lockup smart contract.
Total Locked Token Value
Total Locked Liquidity Value
Projects Locked With Antex
Lock Any ERC20 Token in Seconds
Antex Locking Tool makes it fast, safe and secure to lock up any ERC-20 based coin, including LP tokens from Uniswap.
Find Your Coin - Enter Unlock Time - Press Lock!
Simply find your coin by searching for it or entering the address/pair address, enter in the unlock date/time, and lastly, lock the tokens. It's that easy!
Non-Custodial, Secure
& Audited Smart Contracts.
Our audited smart-contracts securely lock your coins for the duration you specify. We never take custody of your coins, and do not have access to them. They are only accessible by you, and can only be withdrawn after the locking period has been passed.
Get help froma Antex agent
Our support team is happy to assist you throughout the locking process.